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The ownership of Lux Metal Card realized from its inception that a robust digital strategy was essential for breaking into the high-end business card industry. With only a few significant players in the industry (there are three metal card companies throughout North America), there seemed to be an excellent opportunity to carve out a unique niche that would attract clients from all over the country (and globally). Through a targeted Instagram strategy, Lux Metal Card has capitalized on it’s attractive, image-heavy content, and landed clients from all over the world. Read further to learn about how Lux Metal Card and FreshMove Media’s partnership has yielded tremendous dividends.


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Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
The foundation of any great online consumer product is a visually impressive, yet functional website. The ownership of Lux Metal Card and FreshMove Media collaborated to create a website that would make web purchases and order tracking seamless and efficient. Following the completion of the site, ownership saw Instagram as a cost-effective tool for pushing out content, without over-spending on expensive Pay-per-Click advertising. 



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Social Media Marketing

Lux Metal Card took advantage of our Follower Growth Program which increased their number of followers from a few dozen to over 12,000+. While there are other agencies that will make big promises and deliver thousands of fake followers, our program grows your audience with real people, organically.
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The Outcome

Lux Metal Card took advantage of FreshMove Media’s organic “Follower Growth Program”, taking their Instagram account from zero to 12,500+ followers. Through the strategic use of hashtags and creative content pieces, Lux Metal Card’s account has capitalized on the thriving culture of entrepreneurs on Instagram, many of whom tend to be active purchasers of the product. Due to their rapid Instagram growth, each new post from their account routinely generates 500 - 1,000+ likes, comments, and engagements. If you are interested in achieving excellence on Instagram and other social platforms, reach out to us today.
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