Kenmore Envelope

Web Design, Film Production

Kenmore Envelope is a large-scale manufacturer of high-end promotional envelopes for Fortune 500 companies, political campaigns, and charitable organizations. Their envelopes are designed and printed to provide unique “special features” to encourage high open rates. These special features include heavy stock, cold foil coating, embossing, textured finishes, etc. The result is a beautiful piece that stands out amongst the rest of the mail.

In 2020, Kenmore Envelope’s website was in desperate need of an overhaul. It included mostly stock imagery, and did not showcase the scale or capabilities of their production process. Another challenge Kenmore faced was attracting recruits for their high-turnover, factory line positions.

The FreshMove Media team started the engagement with a full-scale video & photo production. The dearth of content that came out of this production served as the cornerstone of the new website. Their new website stays true to the Kenmore Envelope brand, while presenting the scope of their capabilities.

As part of their website redesign, the FreshMove Media team built a Kenmore Careers page that allows potential applicants to explore the details of working with Kenmore and easily apply to any available positions.

The Website

Wide angle photography and engaging video combine to create a fun and impressive web experience.

Kenmore Screengrab1

Film Production

The film production resulted in two pieces of cornerstone video content. One that tells the Kenmore Envelope story from the perspective of its CEO. Another that explains the experience of working at Kenmore.

A Quote From the Client

The FreshMove Media team did a fantastic job revamping our media platforms across all areas. The website build they did for us completely changed the functionality, engagement, usability, and appearance of our online presence. Fresh Move’s attention to detail and culture cannot be beat. The communication between our team and theirs was outstanding and helped make the process personable. The team accommodated any request and idea we had and explained all questions thoroughly. Fresh Move’s rapid response time made us feel informed and excited to see the end result, whenever we had a question we could expect a reply asap. We highly recommend Fresh Move Media for all media needs and support!!

Mary Landrum, Kenmore Envelope Company