Woodie's Tree Service

Pay-per-click campaigns should bring you quality, actionable leads, not just clicks.

Project summary
When Woodie’s Tree Service launched in 2014, they partnered with a different digital agency in Richmond, with high hopes of carving out space in an already crowded industry. This particular agency charged high management fees and indeed delivered on the number of clicks generated. But sales revenue comes from conversions, not just clicks.

When Woodie’s came to FreshMove Media in the spring of 2018, they were spending thousands each month on their PPC campaigns and not generating the sales revenue they were expecting. The landing page they were sending traffic to was not only simplistic, but it also lacked effective calls-to-action that would create conversions. To make matters worse, they did not host that landing page under their website domain. Their PPC campaign sent all that traffic to a landing page independent from their website and therefore did not help their search engine optimization (SEO).

Identifying these critical issues, FreshMove Media was able to offer lower monthly management fees, and after a site redesign, increase conversions dramatically. Additionally, with a new focus on SEO, our team moved Woodie’s from page three to page one for organic search results. As a result, Woodie’s been able to cut their PPC budget, while still generating more revenue. By taking this comprehensive approach, FreshMove Media was able to help this small business improve their bottom line.
Design & Development Process
While other agencies might focus on just one area of the digital space (PPC, SEO, web design, etc.), FreshMove Media’s goal is to be your one-stop-shop for all things digital. More often than not, one area of your online presence has effects on many other areas. It’s hard to achieve SEO gains, without improving a website, and it’s hard to see conversions from PPC campaigns without testing and analytics.

In the case of Woodie’s Tree Service, FreshMove Media put together a broad strategy that combined for a healthy return on investment (ROI):

1. Website Redesign - Before running any PPC campaigns, it was essential to design and launch a website that would maximize conversions. An impressive website is the building block of any digital marketing plan.

2. Content Creation - At FreshMove Media, we always prefer homegrown content over stock images. That’s why we sent our photographer and videographer out to Woodie’s job sites to take on-site photos and video.

3. PPC Campaigns - Through Google analytics tracking and A/B split testing, we continuously tweak and improve the effectiveness of Woodie’s PPC ads.

We let the number speak for themselves.

Are you tired of stagnant PPC campaigns that seem to generate less and less return on investment? Let us bring a Fresh approach to your paid media strategies and deliver more qualified customers. 
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