Mona Lounge & Cigar Bar

Over 90% of customers are finding your business online. What’s their first impression of your “online storefront”?

Project summary
Mona Lounge & Cigar Bar had an image problem. Not with their brick and mortar location, but with their online identity. Ownership recognized what more and more small businesses are realizing: Your online storefront matters. With a vast majority of consumers now relying on online searches to find a business, in most cases, their first impression of your business is your website.

Through a complete redesign and the creation of new homegrown content, the FreshMove team was able to give Mona Lounge a complete online makeover. A point of pride at FreshMove Media is delivering a complete website ready for launch, including the high-quality photo content shown below.
Design Enhancements
As with most out-of-date websites, the FreshMove team identified three areas of improvement:

1. Simplified Functionality - Navigating the old site was clunky, and it required some digging to get to key pages, such as menus and contact details.

2. Mobile Responsiveness - With all trends pointing towards mobile devices, it’s more important than ever to have a mobile-friendly website. The days of “pinch and zoom” are over.

3. A Sleek, Modern Look - First impressions matter. Fairly or unfairly, an out-of-date website conveys to patrons that they’ll have an out-of-date experience.



Website Design After re design