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The Euro Shop is a vehicle service center that specializes in German auto brands, including BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, & Audi. They present a high-end alternative to the dealership experience. Rather than just anyone touching your vehicle, The Euro Shop only employs Factory Certified Master Technicians. Dealerships and other service shops pay technicians by the job, which discourages quality workmanship. The Euro Shop Technicians are paid a salary, giving them the incentive to do great work.

Prior to engaging FreshMove Media—like many auto shops—The Euro Shop was using a national digital agency. This digital agency’s selling point was it only specialized in the automotive industry. While that might sound compelling, it also means they take a cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing and website design—essentially, duplicating their work for clients all across the country. There was even another automotive shop across town that had the exact same social media and website content produced and posted by this agency. 

FreshMove Media took a tailored approach to improve The Euro Shop’s digital footprint. Their new website is now both engaging and feels authentic to their people & brand. After taking over their PPC Google Ad Campaigns, the FreshMove Media team increased their ROI, helping The Euro Shop achieve year-over-year growth, even during the 2020 & 2021 pandemic.

Google Ads

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German Vehicle Service Shops in the Richmond area

Over the last three years, the Google Campaign managed by FreshMove Media has produced sizable revenue for The Euro Shop, and their website is consistently ranked among the top 5 German Vehicle Service Shops in the Richmond area.

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The Website

The Euro Shop’s new website showcases a balance of SEO keyword strategies combined with high user readability and engagement. Avoiding stock imagery allows potential clients to get a clear, authentic picture of The Euro Shop experience.