Dominion Due Diligence Group

Web Design, Graphic Design

Dominion Due Diligence Group, or D3G for short, provides due diligence services for affordable housing projects. With a deep knowledge-base of the State and Federal regulatory conditions surrounding affordable housing and their close relationship with the Department of Housing & Urban Development, D3G provides peace of mind for Public Housing Authorities, Developers, and Lenders.

D3G’s challenge has always been presenting their value in a deeply technical field. Since January of 2020, D3G has leaned on the team at FreshMove Media to act as their outsourced marketing team. Every member of the FMM team has actively participated in this effort including launching a new website, producing video & blog content, social media management, Google PPC Campaigns, and graphic design for print publication ads.

The FreshMove Media team has helped D3G make complex, technical topics approachable for the average industry stakeholder.

The Website

Combining video and custom graphics, D3G’s website effectively communicates their position in the affordable housing marketplace.

Graphic Design

The FreshMove Media Design team produced engaging illustrations to draw attention to D3G’s ads in industry publications. These ads were so unique, the publications received tremendous feedback from readership.

A Quote From the Client

FreshMove Media has been a great addition to our company’s marketing efforts. After learning the nuances and nature of our industry, FreshMove has produced many creative and interactive formats for an otherwise very technical field. Their expertise in project planning, video production, and website design has allowed our smaller marketing team to prioritize our business goals and objectives more efficiently. It is always a collaborative process when working with the FreshMove team. They will go above and beyond to ensure your vision is fulfilled and equip you with the tools and resources necessary to enhance your marketing strategy, learn more about your target audiences, and drive meaningful action for your business. We highly recommend FreshMove Media to companies looking for guidance and expertise in B2B marketing and beyond.

Emily Ash, D3G