Agency Podcast Episode 6 - Effective Copywriting For Business

Ryan Leach and James Crittenden share well over a decade of entrepreneur experience between them, which leads them to where they are now; COO and CEO, respectively, of Freshmove Media, as well as co-owners of Lux Metal Card. With their years of sales, management, and recruiting, they’re more than familiar with what a business needs when it comes to marketing. When they created Freshmove Media, they had one thing in mind — providing unique, customized marketing. Whether it’s website design, development, Google Ad management, graphic design, and even film production, they provide services to create a digital footprint for your business. In this week’s episode, we cover copywriting! What the goal is, what to look for, and why it matters! 

So let’s get to the point - why is video so important to your business?

  • First of all, what is copy? It’s a written word or text that helps you connect with your audience. But what’s the adjective of all this? The first goal is to grab attention. There are so many things vying for people’s attention, regardless of platform or product. It’s easy for your audience, or really anyone, to keep scrolling past your message. The second goal is to create interest. You have a very small window to hook your audience. You need to choose your words precisely in order to be effective. The last goal is basically the same in all your marketing tactics — inspire action. The whole purpose of why you’re creating content in the first place.  : 
  • Now that you know what your goal is, how do you go about executing it? Start with knowing your audience, and what frame of mind they’re in. Your ad copy needs to speak directly to the audience. What’s going through their minds? Where are they seeing your ad (Facebook, Google Ads, Etc.)? Someone on Google is usually actively searching for a product or service, whereas someone on Facebook is merely scrolling through the platform. You’re going to have to work much harder to grab someone’s attention on Facebook versus Google. 
  • Effective copywriting will incorporate all these aspects, without letting creative get in the way of the sale. Copywriting differs from creative writing or writing blogs in a big way. The biggest way being—less is more. Be precise, don’t use excessive words, and understand who your audience is and your brand’s position in the market. What voice will your brand use when being presented to your audience.   

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